Project Managment

From the first plan to the
completion of the installation,
we will work closely with your project team to create and
sustain your workplace. We
carefully manage the activities
that are interrelated to your
project, such as scheduling,
job site coordination, quality
control, punch list and
continuing support.
Space Planning
& Design

We partner with you, your
architect or designer to develop
a comprehensive design
solution to meet your needs.
With the aid of the latest
computer aided design and
specification software, we are
able to provides 2-D and 3D
drawings, and error free
specifications. This also
provided our clients with an
"asset management" tool.
When the project is finished
the drawings and specifications
are archived for future
reconfigurations and revisions.
We can compare the proposed
layout to the existing one, and
develop detailed lists of new
product to be ordered and
excess inventory.
Delivery & Installation

Delivery and installation are
handled in house. This is a
very important part of our
service. Your furniture must be
handled properly. Experience
in this area is critical to the
success of a project. Our
installers are often what
clients remember most about
the project.

Product delivery and
installation are critical to
meeting a project schedule.
With our warehouse facility
we are ready to receive,
inspect, verify, de-trash, store
and stage deliveries before
the product is installed.
Warranty & Service

Anyone can sell office furniture.
It is the commitment to service
which sets us apart. We take
care of warranty issues for
all the products we sell. We
don't feel that it should be your
issue, it should be ours. With
any warranty issue, you will
deal with one point of contact.
Your concern or issue will be
promptly and professionally
taken care of.